BlaykeSpa #1151
$ 2,950.00*
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Medical Grade Microdermabrasion Machine

Model #1151 is a strong medical grade
microdermabrasion machine designed to be a
workhorse revenue producer. With its ease of
maintenance design, you’ll have little downtime.
Capable of performing the entire range of
Microdermabrasion services from severe
scaring to a gentle spa facial microdermabrasion

> Medical grade unit
> Patented variable crystal control hand piece
> Double easy change filters
> Natural crystal flow to prevent clogging
> Powerful rotary vane vacuum system
> 2 year warranty
> Convenient canister tray
> CE Approved

Includes 2 jars of crystals, 13 plastic tips,
2 filters, one brush, clog probe, 10 “O” rings,
10 Media screws.

High Quality

BlaykeSpa #3682
Crystal Free Diamond
Peel Exfoliation

Treat your clients to a safe, alternative,
exfoliation procedure.

The Diamond wand features 7 different
diamond crusted tips. Each with it’s own
unique textured surface allowing a
customized peel for every client.

> Built in Sterilizer cabinet
> Twin filter system
> Power of dual motors
> Ergonomically designed Hand piece
> Resurface sun damaged skin
> Reduce early aging fine lines
> Reduce hyper pigmentation
> Reduce minor acne scars
> Reduce blackheads
> CE Approved

Leaves skin with a smooth
texture and improved firmness

All-Around Skin Rejuvenation

The “Blue Diamond”
by Diamond International
$ 4,249.00...Order Here
2 Bottle System

This high quality machine manufactured in
Australia by Diamond International which
is one of the oldest Microdermabrasion
machine manufacturers. This quiet unit is
designed for the peacefulness of a Spa.
The ergonomic, state of the art aluminum
hand piece uses straight 90° tips. You
have your choice of either Aluminum
Oxide crystals or to polish with organic

> High Power Single Motor
> Screw-on Autoclavable Bottles
> Patented Dual Control Air Flow System
> Accurate 100kpa Vacuum Gauge
> Crystal or ORGANIC Grains
> Light-weight Aluminum Autoclavable
Hand piece
> Sterile Hand piece Holder
> Low Running Costs


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